Donate your old smartphone

There are hundreds of millions of smartphones, worth an eye watering $33 billion dollars (in the US alone) that are left unused when people upgrade their devices. And we know mobile internet access is incredibly important for refugees, so here's how you can donate your old smartphone today:



Step 1 – Save your data

Save any files that you need on your old smartphone and then carry out a factory reset to clear your personal data. 

  • iPhone – How to erase information and settings
  • Android phone – How to perform a factory reset 
  • Remove games, accounts and softwares from your phone (ex: best mobile casino usa etc ...)


Step 2 – Unlock your phone

Make sure your phone is unlocked. Get in touch with your mobile provider who will be able to unlock your phone for you. This is important as your old smartphone will need to be able to connect to networks in other countries. 


Pack your phone well to protect it on its voyage and please remember to include the charger! 

Step 3 – Pack and send


or just scribble this address on your package: 


c/o Impossible

2-4 Melior Place