How does GeeCycle work?

Geecycle collects smartphones from people around the world and then distributes them to refugees fleeing conflict. 

Right now, your old smartphones are being distributed on the Greek island of Samos. We've partnered with a brilliant UK based social business, Impossible, to process the phones here in London and with volunteers on Samos who will distribute the phones. 

All you need to do is send us your old smartphone and charger and we'll take care of the rest.


Why is GeeCycle necessary?

It is too dangerous to travel with smartphones within Syria as government and Islamic State checkpoints often destroy devices during searches. Migrants need smartphones to check places to stay, keep updated about routes and crossings and to keep in touch with family and friends. Delivering smartphones to the most vulnerable groups of refugees will help them stay safer on their journey.


Who’s behind this? was built during the TechFugees Hack in London by a team of concerned individuals who wanted to find a way we can all help refugees in need.


I have a site, how can I help?

If you’re a web developer or own a site or blog, please add the Geecycle widget to your site. This will prompt visitors who have the very latest smartphones to give their old ones to a refugee (they can also dismiss the prompt).


How can I help promote

We appreciate any kind words about the project, so if you are a journalist, blogger or simply an enthusiastic supporter who wants to know more, .